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Hunger • Knowledge • Commitment

M&J Valve Services provides the widest range of natural gas compression parts and services nationwide and beyond. Our commitment to quality, safety and unbeatable service has earned the trust of America's industry leaders. Our consistent performance has also earned us distribution partnerships with the world's best brands.

M & J Valve ServicesFounded with one office in Lafayette, Louisiana, the organization has grown over two decades to maintain staff and service locations in nine states, providing operators exploring America's major natural gas finds with fast access to the best possible parts and supplies.

Our growth derived from three core principles that still drive us today:

Hunger: We've always been hungry to be the best and that's fueled our tenacious desire to improve quality, designs and access to the world's best parts. To be the best, from a distribution standpoint, also means providing unbeatable quick parts anytime, anywhere.

Knowledge: In today's world, knowledge means more than book smarts. It means knowing your products so well, you're asked to share your knowledge by training field professionals (feel free to ask us how we can help you with this). It means understanding why valves fail so we can help you increase your up-time and lower expenses. In today's world, knowledge is strength and it's pushed us to the lead every time.

: When you do what you say, time and time again, you've got commitment. From day one, we've stood by our word. On time delivery. Valve performance. Traceability. There’s not an aspect of our work that isn't taken seriously. While hunger and knowledge start and lead our business, commitment keeps our wheels of success in motion. It keeps clients returning, even after they've been wooed away by what they thought was a better deal. That’s because a committed service provider is the only one worth having.

M&J Valve Services — We didn't invent the valve. We reinvented the service.™

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