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GE’s Distributed Power business (NYSE: GE) has expanded its new Gas Compression Power Packager program by adding Wasco Engineering Group Limited (Wasco) as a new participant at the Platinum Level. The program is designed to provide customers in gas compression applications with enhanced access to genuine Waukesha parts and skilled service technicians.

The program increases the opportunity for end users to access expert Waukesha gas engine service technicians in growing oil and gas segments in the Middle East, Africa, sub-Saharan Africa and South East Asia through increased GE training to participating packaging companies. End users in these spaces can benefit from reduced engine life cycle costs through increased access to proven, genuine Waukesha parts. As a Platinum-Level participant, Wasco can purchase genuine Waukesha parts and services directly from GE.

“As we continue to expand our Gas Compression Power Packager program, our customers are the real winners,” said Daniel Icasiano, regional commercial leader for South East Asia and Australia for GE’s Distributed Power business. “The continued association of Wasco with GE will ensure consolidation and expansion of GE’s gas compression portfolio. As end users look for efficiencies in the current market scenario, quality of service and responsiveness will be key, and these have been traditional strengths of both Wasco and GE.”

“Wasco has more than 20 years of experience packaging compressors with Waukesha engines and over that period has fabricated and installed hundreds of compressor packages in both the onshore and offshore sectors,” said Giancarlo Maccagno, CEO of the Wasco Energy Group of Companies.

With a strong presence in Australasia and the Middle East, Wasco is able to support GE regionally as a major supplier of gas engines. GE customers will have single-point access to the full range of Waukesha spare parts and services through Wasco. In addition, the fully trained technical team and warranty support provided will help customers operate efficiently with genuine parts and technical support that is reliable.

“Through our participation in GE’s Gas Compression Power Packager program, we look forward to providing a fuller service offering to our customers in gas compression applications, which includes quality training and services to keep their operations running as cost-effectively as possible,” Maccagno continued.

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